Creating a plug in for Eclipse

Creating a a simple plug in is one of the easiest tasks. Honestly before creating a plugin I, myself also thought that, Creating eclipse is a big deal!
So, here are the steps:
1. Make your eclipse plug in development friendly.
    a. Click on Eclipse help –> Install new software –> type -
    b. Install Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment

2. Create code for a sample hello world application.
  a. Create a simple Plug in Project . New –> Plug-in Project –> <give a suitable name> –> Choose Hello world command –> Finish.
3. Run the application.
  a.Right Click on the project –> Run as Eclipse Application. –> A new eclipse window will open with the plug-in(search for the below icon in toolbar)
  b. Click on the plug-in & a window will appear with a message “Hello, Eclipse World”.
How to use the plugin.
  a.Right click on the project –> export –> Deployable plug-ins & fragments –> choose a location to export –> finish.
  b. Place the plugin in dropins folders in Eclipse.
  c. Restart the Eclipse.

a. I have used eclipse default templates for plug-in. If you are not planning to use this, keep in mind that you will have create plugin.xml file.
b. You can modify the plug-in (whether you want to show it in menu bar or you want to show it in toolbar)

Feel free to share !!

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